Publications - Presentations - Teaching


  • D. Bertsimas, C. Pawlowski, Y. Zhuo. “From predictive methods to missing data imputation: an optimization framework”. (In Preparation), 2016.
  • D. Bertsimas, J. Dunn, C. Pawlowski, Y. Zhuo. “Robust Classification”. (In Revision), 2016.


  • “Missing Data Imputation via a Modern Optimization Lens.” INFORMS 2016
  • “Robust Support Vector Machines.” INFORMS 2015
  • “Novel Properties of Deterministic and Stochastic SIR Models.” JMM 2014


  • Teaching Assistant for “The Analytics Edge” (15.071) at MIT Sloan School of Management, Spring 2017. Syllabus
  • Instructor for “Computing in Optimization and Statistics” (15.S60) at MIT Sloan School of Management, January 2017. Course Website
  • Teaching Assistant for MBA core course: “Data, Models, and Decisions” (15.060) at MIT Sloan School of Management, Fall 2015. Syllabus
    • Taught weekly recitations, developed course materials, worked one-on-one with students, graded assignments.